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Yes that’s right a new Sky channel dedicated to airing anime is coming to the UK this summer. So far all we have is the website and while not all of it is accessible people do have the opportunity to vote for what series they would like to see air, you can see the top votes for 2013 and the top votes during each week but be quick and vote for what you want to see as voting ends in four days. Already we can see some of the more popular series yet to be released here via DVD/Blu-Ray topping the list which is great to see plus some popular from the past couple of years.

They have already addressed some of the big concerns from people namely the usual Sub vs. Dub argument and have stated that they will try to provide the option to choose between audio tracks live while airing where possible. Another concern was whether shows will be broadcast in HD which again is where possible.

Overall I’m rather excited for this to happen, if what we are being promised comes true then we could see some of the more recent series airing on UK television before a DVD/Blu-Ray which will be great for generating sales. All in all this could really help boost the profile of anime in the UK.


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