East Asia TV To Cease Trading


Today started off on a sour note for a lot of Anime fans across the UK with many more yet to hear the news.

East Asia Television is no longer to be, the planned new Anime channel here in the UK has ceased to be before it even began. In the latter half of 2013 the news first hit about a new Anime channel coming to the UK on Sky, this was great news to Anime fans being that this would be the first Anime channel to come to the UK in some years. EATV had made all the best moves in regards to gaining interest, by allowing fans to vote for what series they would like to see air and addressing concerns about audio tracks, subtitles and whether HD will be available.

Nothing seemed out of place over the coming months with fans eagerly awaiting the summer until a kickstarter project run by the company went live. This lead to a lot of questions concerning whether EATV was legit, EATV addressed some of these by stating that an announcement would be made at 9:00am on 6 February. While awaiting this announcement fans became more dubious about the whole thing and discovered that the websites domain had expired. Looking to twitter their now only source of contact with EATV they waited until it hit 9:00am where nothing was posted and almost an hour later stuff no word save only for a rather in-depth article by UK Anime Network detailing the results of there research into who EATV actually were. The article can be found here and it answers a lot of questions and even includes a statement from East Asia Television’s Managing Director Ash Lawliét, although the reasons he states for closure seem rather farfetched when UK Anime Network show that is was more due to a lack of knowledge, contacts and funds.

“East Asia Television Broadcasting Ltd. will cease trading on Friday 7th February and close indefinitely.” (Ash Lawliét via UK Anime Network)

It’s a shame that things ended this way as many fans wanted this to succeed, hopefully in the future we my yet see a new Anime channel hit the UK.


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