Sword Art Online’s Reki Kawahara announces new series


Sword Art Online and Accel World creator Reki Kawahara has announced his new series will be published by Dengeki Bunko sometime this summer. His new series is called Zettai Naru Kodoku (Absolute Solitude) . It was announced in the 16 th volume of Accel World.

Reki Kawahara tweeted about the announcement. He said that originally he started to write the series on his website but stopped after AW and SAO were published. He went on to say that now was the right time to publish the series, as he felt that if it was left any longer he wouldn’t be able to pick it up again.
Originally he wanted to publish Zettai Naru Kodoku after he had wrapped up SAO or AW, however he doesn’t see an end in sight for either series any time soon.

He also mentioned that he will be editing the original web story and adding additional content for the published version.

Both Sword Art Online and Accel World will be released this year by Yen Press


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