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No Game No Life
Directed By: Ishizuka Atsuki
Produced By: Madhouse/Media Factory/Sentai Filmworks
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Ecchi
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Out of all the anime released in2014 so far, I’d probably say that No Game No Life is the one thatentertained me the most, to the point of me preordering the light novelit’s based on.

The series is basically anygamer’s fantasy, two siblings who happen to be an amazing gaming duoget transported to a world where games control everything, from whoruns a country, to who owns what. So if you want something, you play agame for it. Basically, for the two siblings Sora and Shiro the gameworld of Disboard beats the real world by a long shot.

The series could best bedescribed as an ecchi harem comedy with crazy games instead of actionsequences. You want a fight scene? No Game No Life has the mostintense and action packed game of chess you’ll ever see. You wantpsychological battles? There’s a word game that summons whatever wordyou use, for example a hydrogen bomb. This is where No Game No Lifereally shines, you get stunningly animated action packed games replacingfight scenes, and they are a real joy to watch, combined with the very well done harem comedy.

Haremcomedy, especially the ecchi kind, isn’t for everyone, but this is acase of it being done well. For a start they don’t take the harempart too seriously, it’s mostly played up for laughs. You also getSora’s sister Shiro making jokes at the expense of the whole haremcast, and it is glorious. One particular highlight being one memberof the harem being forced to act like a dog and obey Shiro’scommands, with comical and predictably ecchi results. So while haremcomedy may not appeal to you, I can promise you that for all therandom nudity there’s some good laughs to be had.

I won’t deny that it does have aflaw or two, but they’re definitely minor. One or two of the episodescan be a little slow after some big explosive high energy game, whereit’ll be Sora and Shiro planning their next move. But if you like thecomedy style it’s enough to keep you invested, and the plot for whatthe siblings have in store for Disboard is interesting enough on itsown that it should hold your attention. The soundtrack does also havethe small problem of being a little too unmemorable, it acts as moreof a tone setter. So if you have an action or emotional scene it’llbe in the background to set the mood, but i doubt you’ll listen to itby itself. It does however have an excellent opening track though, “This Game”by Konomi Suzuki. A song written for the anime, it’ll be stuck in your head for days.



I recommend No Game NoLife to all, harem comedy may not be for everyone, butit's definitely funny enough to entertain you. The story is really enjoyable and each and every character is colourful and stands out. This is one to watch, so go and check it out on Crunchyroll now!

  • 8

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