Review – Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed



Release Date: October 10th (EU)

Platform: PlayStation®3, PS Vita
Genre: Action RPG
Player(s): Single
Rating: 16
Publisher: NIS America,Inc.
Developer: ACQUIRE Corp

Strip those who stand in your way, free Akihabarafrom all evil and become the number 1 otaku. Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is crazy, but you can’t help but love it.

Akihabara is under attack from vampire-like foescalled “Synthisters”, who feed on the energy of Akiba’spopulation and it’s your job to stop them, how? By removing theirclothes and exposing them to sunlight of course. Now, now, it’s notas creepy as it sounds thanks to the fact the game is verywell-written, often hilarious and is spilling with geeky references.Players are able to explore the otaku playground that is Akihabara,hang out in maid cafés, eat ramen and buy goods, in-between beatingSynthister’s clothes off with laptops, posters, glow sticks, and tonsof other random weapons. You’ll be joined in your mission by theAkiba Freedom Fighters, a group of friends who patrol the area andmake sure their paradise remains peaceful. The cast are all great,there’s nothing particularly special about them, but they are allcharming and funny in their own way.

Players will be spending a lot of time hacking andslashing their way through crowds of enemies. In order to defeat theenergy sucking losers they must be stripped, which can be achieved byweakening their clothes. The battle system is simple, you attack head gear with Triangle, upperbody with Circle and lower body with X, when their clothesshine, it’s time to reveal their birthday suit. When facing a largegroup you can chain together your strip, resulting in aspecial move which also removes their underwear, for the ultimateembarrassment, allowing you to collect their briefs, lucky you.

You are able to partner up with the members of theAkiba Freedom Fighters, deepening your bonds and gaining the abilityto use a special stripping technique. It’s bizarre, it’swonderful, it’s fun, and overall it’s an enjoyable system.However, there are issues. When facing a large group of enemies itcan be a real pain getting a chance to attack, as they are allteaming up on you. This isn’t a big deal on the easier difficulties,but on one of the harder settings you’ll find yourself naked andreaching the game over screen pretty quickly. Frustrating! There areframe rate issues and the camera seems to have a life of it’s own attimes, generally it’s not a problem, but when battling an army ofenemies, the last thing you need is to be faced with a wall blockingyour view or a delay in your attacks. The other problem ishow slow it takes the NPCs to appear when you enter a new area. Youcan be walking around for a good length of time before they start topop up, which can make side missions difficult as the person you need to speak to might not appear.

Graphically the game isn’t anything special, butit’s still nice to see real stores and locations featured, if you’venever visited Japan and want to, or even if you have visited andwould love to go back virtually, this game does a fantastic job atbringing Akihabara to life. The loading screens feature real advertisementsfrom the area, and even recent anime and game releases, it’s a nicetouch to an already detailed game.

Akiba’s Trip has a lot ofcontent aside from the main story, the game has multiple endings,side quests, mini games and a great variety of weapons, clothes andaccessories to unlock, as well as access to a battle arena. The gamecan be completed very quickly maybe in 4 or 5 hours if you rushthrough it on the easiest setting and ignore all of the optionalcontent, but there is so much to see and do in the game that it wouldbe a waste to skip it all. New Game + allows you to keep all of yourweapons and gear, and even includes an option to help you on your wayto viewing all of the endings. The soundtrack is fine, nothing memorable and thevoice acting is strong, there are both English and Japanese voicesavailable so whether you prefer the original Japanese voice overs orthe dub, the game has you covered.

+Wide Range Of Weapons and Clothes    -Loading Times
+Lots Of Content                                       -Frame Rate Issues
+Akihabara Looks Great



Akiba's Trip is made for the peoplewho love otaku culture, the combat system is simple and fun, but canbe a bit irritating at times when crowds of enemies gang up on you,but for the most part it's enjoyable and rewarding. With a wide rangeof weapons to use, clothes to wear, side missions to complete andmultiple endings to view, there is a lot of reasons to pick it upeven after you've finished your first play-through.

  • 7

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