Welcome to Japan Curiosity – J-Curi. We’re a small group of people based in both the UK and Japan. Our aims are to promote awareness of Japanese and Asian culture as well as Anime, Manga, Games, Movies and Music to the UK public. We do this through the use of reviews, monthly release schedules and attending conventions, events and screenings.

What motivates us on this venture is that there tends to be a lack of information available to the public. What we plan to do is gather all this information into one place that is free and easily accessible. What we have found is that the average fan of Japanese culture within the UK does not know what is available to them, such as online streaming services, release dates for anime or manga and which series have been licensed. We feel this is an incredible shame and want to do our part in pointing them in the right direction.

So look around, enjoy and we hope you will keep supporting us in the future.

Thank you,

The Team

1059264_10151518961981219_1220287325_nNick Cooney – Editor-in-chief (United Kingdom)

Nick is the co-founder of Japan Curiosity alongside Fraser, having a degree in Contemporary Media Practice he’s well versed in a multitude of different media but sets aside the majority of his time immersed in anime and manga.

Contact: [email protected]    Twitter: @HarajuCuu


1060428_10151518961971219_1939321493_nFraser Overington – Co-Founder (Japan/United Kingdom)

Fraser is the co-founder of Japan Curiosity alongside Nick, he currently works for Animatsu/Manga Entertainment bringing us some of the best anime titles and sometimes stops by J-Curi when he fancies.

Contact: [email protected]     Twitter: @FMBurst


Jordan Walton – Editor / Writer (United Kingdom)

Jordan is an anime addict with a passion for Blu-ray releases and recently graduated with a First Class Degree in Computing. When he’s not looking for employment, you’ll find him lamenting the state of Blu-ray sales in the UK via Twitter, or binging an inhuman amount of anime.

Contact: [email protected]   Twitter: @Jaysgba


Alexander Te – Writer (United States)

The North American division of our operations and an avid Type-Moon fan that likes to read light novels in bed.

Twitter: @KaroshiMyriad


Adam Lee – Writer (United Kingdom)
Drinker of tea & coffee. Likes to hang out with video games and watch those cool Japanese cartoons. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Craig Langridge – Writer (United Kingdom)

Jack Neighbour – Writer (United Kingdom)

Jamie Martin – Writer (United Kingdom)
I’ve never lived in Japan, or worked in the industry, and I’m certainly no expert. I’m just a guy who writes about anime for fun. El Psy Kongroo.

Kurunandan Jain – Writer (United Kingdom)
Kurunandan is an anime and manga enthusiast. When he isn’t too busy trying to finish his PhD in Mathematics he is usually playing video games or eating sushi.

Louis Payne – Writer (United Kingdom)
Exists behind a keyboard in London trying to jam as much media down their mental gullet as is physically possible.



Rhys Cox – Co-Founder (United Kingdom)

Rhys is another co-founder of Japan Curiosity and was our main website, designer. He still helps out here and there with technical issues.